Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Item of the Week (And Back to Reality)

Hey kids, I am back from vacation and can't wait to download pictures, but I think I will be laying around on the couch when I am not at work (being tossed-off a banana boat/torpedo repeatedly into a churning lake really took it out of me) so downloading will have to wait. While recovering from my vacation, I got the notion in my head that I need practical shoes, so I searched online (laziness prevented going into a "real" store), but instead of comfy flats for work, I am completely fixated on these Charlotte Olympia "Polly" Piped Leopard Print Calf Hair Platform Pumps:
Yeah, I know. Awesome. My inner retro-sex-kitten-business-lady-fashionista-who-color-blocks is completely in need of them, but my wallet (they are $905) and my height (5'10" girl with a 5" heel would makes her 6'3"-aka-nosebleed city) object strongly.

Can you please talk me out of them? What have you been eyeing lately?


  1. Those shoes. Dying. I've been indulging in shoes WAY too much lately... It's bad!
    xo Josie

  2. these are fabulous. the prize tag would be enough to keep me from getting them, the height not so much ;)

    but think of what they would do to your feet. it hurts just thinking about it....

  3. omg haha.. talk about a practical shoe lol!! I love it.
    I'd say don't get them b/c of the price, find a cheaper alternative for those. But def rock the tall heels even though you're tall!!

  4. I would be the last person to talk you out of a shoe NEED THESE!! How's that for enabling? CO's are in my top shoes these days...xo

  5. I cannot talk you out of those, when I want them so badly myself

  6. I am in love with those shoes! Too bad we can't just get rid of that 5 at the end! xoxo Marissa

  7. Theses shoes are lovely! SO sexy! Glad i am not the only one that is 5'10 and finds it hard to wear big shoes, although i still do just to annoy everyone with my height! haha

    Would love for you to come check out my blog! I found yours on Stylepage!!