Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Short Story (continued)

My previous post extolled the virtues of shorts for day (can we call them mini-pants? It makes me smile) but daytime wear seems so safe and expected. Have any of you worn shorts for night with a bare leg and heels? I didn't last summer, and for now I will wear tights under my shorts, but I definitely want to try it when the weather allows. I still love a good sequin short (see below) but there are other nighttime appropriate fabrics to be considered, too:

These Dvf shorts are super cute (I love scalloped hems) and the DvF girl would probably rock these for day, too, no holds barred!

The jacquard fabric of these Thread Social shorts is very regal and there is a bit of an 80's, Dynasty feel to them:

Forever 21 can churn out a trend for pennies on the dollar and I love that these shorts have pockets!

Marc Jacobs' high waisted shorts seem like they would be very fancy, but you could wear them with anything and everything- flats/heels/booties/sequins/wool/spring/summer/fall- you get the idea...

These Valentino lace shorts...sigh... You could wear these to a formal movie premiere and no one would question you. Very lady-who-lunches meets Black Swan with a little... (I'll stop there)...

Are you grabbing your purse to run out the door and snatch up a pair of shorts for your next soiree? Or do you still need a little convincing...?


  1. I am ALL over those DVF scalloped shorts....I NEED those! Ok maybe I don't need them but now I won't be able to get them out of my head! Great picks. xo

  2. i used to wear shorts/heels a lot because i lived in miami. i think its all about wearing shorts that are an appropriate length!

    those thread socials are FABULOUS!

  3. Those DVF shorts! I adore.
    xo Josie

  4. "can we call them mini-pants?" haha, you are hilarious, I think that's a fantastic new term. I like the MJ shorts!

  5. Those Marc Jacobs shorts are AMAZZZZING and dig those sequin shorts.....WANT them ALL actually to be completely honest!!!! Can't wait for it to get warmer's like a frickin' blizzard over here!!haha
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  6. I can't even believe I'm about to say this, but I love the F21 ones best. That high waist is singing out my name!! Holy Moses!!


  7. Aww.. "mini pants".. I love the DVF ones, scallops are very appealing to me right now. I'd definitely wear shorts out at night!

    Thanks for all your comments.. I've been preoccupied lately so it's taken me a while to get back to you!

    xx Kara

  8. Definitely liking the DVF ones the best. That scalloped hem seals the deal.

  9. so amazing!!! love it! and your blog also :)

  10. I do..They are amazing. Im in love with the Valentino lace pair. Those are simply stunning
    Happy Monday, darling