Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Shapes!

I dig me a triangle. And a circle... And lots of other shapes. Maybe my fried little brain (atrophied from doing nothing intellectually stimulating over Christmas) is reverting back to childhood because I have been loving simple shapes and patterns lately...not unlike a toddler. Hmmm.


Something about this necklace is really adorable to me...the rough, handmade aesthetic, the simple shape and the leather combined are cute and funky without being too crazy...


Who on earth doesn't love stripes? I have been wearing them a lot in basic white/navy and black/gray combinations, but bright colors would be a lot of fun. And having a pony wouldn't hurt, either... ;)


I am in love with this Karma necklace by Dogeared. A dear friend who moved away got this for me and I have been wearing it constantly. I love the message as much as the clean and simple design!

Do you ever notice you are wearing a lot of the same thing? What has been your go-to item(s) lately?


  1. I love the Dogeared necklaces...always such a great gift to give someone! xo

  2. You can never have too many stripes in your closet! I love the circle necklace. Hmm.. I guess my go-to jewelry item would be the box ring from my latest post. Its so cool and simple, so it goes with everything.

  3. I like the necklace.


  4. That Karma necklace is absolutely gorgeous! And I'm loving stripes now as well... So chic!
    xo Josie

  5. I have that Karma necklace and I love it... a simple but powerful statement. My go-to jewelry has to be the gold rose ring I've worn since I was 18 that was my grandmother's. Priceless :)