Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lil Spot of Sunshine...On My Face

Every year when the weather gets warmer, I ponder my winter skin routine and think about changing to a lighter moisturizer, adding higher SPF, yadda yadda. This last week it hit 80 degrees (Fahrenheit, mind you) and when I considered my skin regime, I took a good look at my face-- and gasped! I have a sunspot on my face under my right eye. It's not huge- think six freckles combined into one dot- but still, mid-twenties should be worried about zits, not aging! I live in a land of the perma-bronzed, but I gave up tanning in college after seeing the leathery effects of baking oneself by the pool. This made me even more indignant- how can I have a sunspot when I don't even tan?!

About five minutes later, my tantrum was over and- reminding myself that complaining is useless and results occur from taking action- I googled bunches of skincare products and different treatments and then had to google an optometrist because I started going cross-eyed. Kidding. My findings were promising- there are a lot of treatments out there and for a diverse range of skin types. New laser treatments can take years off and require little downtime, but seemed a bit drastic considering I am (relatively) young. Some of the most interesting products involve super-powerful antioxidants like Coenzyme Q10, (CoQ10). CoQ10 was originally intended for serious medical use, ie, cardiovascular health, but great benefits were found in the realm of dermatology and now CoQ10 can be found in common, over-the-counter products. Even more intriguing was the recent development of the synthetic version of CoQ10, idebenone. This new "it" antioxidant can be found in Prevage, which should come with a halo around it from all the positive newsprint it garners. Prevage seemed great, but a bit pricey and a bit thick/rich for my finicky combination skin....

Long story short, (too late!), I researched basic OTC retinol treatments to help with resurfacing my skin at night and a light-yet-potent serum to ensure the retinol doesn't dry out my skin. I picked up my ROC night treatment and Boots No.7 serum a week ago and although it is too early for visible results, my skin has taken to the products well and am feeling accomplished. (I will update after my next dermatologist visit if he says the combination will cause face-explosions or other disasters). Is there a new skincare product you've been researching? Are you switching your routine for summer? Has your face exploded from using retinols + serum?

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