Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Growing to Love You...

Plants are a ....(long, exasperated sigh)..... difficult thing for me. I love plants- they brighten any space and add a fresh element to a room. Plants, however, do not love me. They seem to die just to spite my caring efforts. It seems that once I get attached to a plant, (convinced that THIS ONE will be the one to survive), it shrivels with a hideous laugh and wilts to nothing.

OK, I am being overly dramatic, but you get the idea. Plastic plants just don't have the same appeal, so I am set on maintaining the new succulents I just bought. My pops recommended cactus/citrus soil and pots that drain well, so I just need to refrain from drowning them and I should be fine...right?

I hope these cuties will survive! Am I the only one who has plant trouble?
Or maybe there are other nesting woes out there to be shared?

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