Thursday, August 23, 2012

Leanne Marshall Spring 2013 Bridal Collection

I have been a Leanne Marshall fan ever since she was on Project Runway. (She won Season 5- yea!) I love her architectural-yet-ethereal designs and am a big fan of her bridal collections. If my wonderfully talented mother was not going to make my wedding dress I would definitely want an LM creation. She just posted a few dresses from her Spring 2013 collection on her blog so I thought I would share:

I also love her ready-to-wear collection of pieces for daily use...
(well, daily use if your life is fancier than mine!):

Those pockets are awesome and the tailoring is exceptional! I could wear these to brunch or out on the town.

I would throw myself a party just to have an excuse to wear this if it was in my closet....
Lovely, right?! Check out her Etsy store for more of her dresses and ready-to-wear items. Are you a Leanne fan, too? And does anyone still watch Project Runway? Leanne's season was the last one that I watched religiously, but if there is another must-see season, let me know because I have not had a good Netflix marathon in months :)


  1. She makes SUCH pretty, organic pieces. I love the wedding dresses, but that blue one is killer too!
    xo Josie

  2. Wow those dresses are gorgeous!

    xo Jennifer