Monday, June 6, 2011

Gooood Morning!

Monday mornings aren't usually a favorite, but this morning is surprisingly delightful for surprisingly simple reasons:

1- Fresh blueberries. The perfect size and ripeness sprinkled over a bowl of Kashi Crunch cereal makes me feel like one of those people who practices yoga on their balcony over-looking the Caribbean... well, you get the idea.

2- I have the Food Network on while I am "doing online research" (code for procrastinating getting ready for work) and those Neely's are a little over the top, but today they made an amazing-looking spinach artichoke dip and it was definitely something I could make myself...and I will!

3- Part of my online research has involved looking for shorts and skirts that I will love enough to wear (lately the shorts I own that are too short have just sat in a drawer...part of the aging process, I am told, hehe) and although I haven't found any shorts, I am excited that I found this skirt:
Circlets and Stones striped maxi skirt. Funky and fun without being scary, this can definitely be dressed up or down and I think it would transition into fall pretty well, too!

I hope everyone else is having a great (or at least decent) Monday!


  1. Okay #3? We should swap stories--I've spent countless hours doing the same. It's like OCD for skirts and dresses!


  2. Yum..I love blueberrie and I cant wait to get some today:) The skirt is beautiful, sweetie. Happy Monday, muah

    Ps: I’m hosting a beautiful skirt GIVEAWAY today! Perfect for summer picnics!

  3. I'm seriously on the hunt for shorts right now -- it's getting bad. And blueberries on my yogurt gives me the same feeling, love!
    xo Josie

  4. Love the pleats and the print!!

  5. I totally agree the Neely's are a bit over the top...but they do make some killer food sometimes! And that maxi? Perfection! xo

  6. I've been obsessing over maxi skirts lately and have literally had to talk myself out of buying 3 in the past week so I don't over do it! xoxo Marissa

  7. Love that skirt! Totally obsessed. xo style, she wrote