Monday, May 16, 2011

Orange You Glad?

Rather than do another awkward, self-photographed outfit post, (yikes!), I decided to focus on decor and furniture shopping. Orange you glad about that? I am too funny ;) For couch shopping, it was really hard to find a couch that suited both our needs (he needs a big couch because he's a big guy and I wanted a couch that wasn't over-stuffed and depressing) but we came out okay:
Sorry for the bad lighting, but we don't have any lamps yet!
Also, the pillows came with the couch.....they will be changed! ;)

The new brown chenille couch is cozy and delightful, but such a big, dark piece of furniture needs some brightness to balance it out. I naturally gravitate towards blue because it is a favorite color, and orange would be a great third color to add some pop to the room. I think I have already made it clear that I like abstract prints in bright colors (that post here), so I am sure you won't be surprised when you see what oranges have been inspiring me:

Any suggestions for what to do with the giant brown couch? What is inspiring you this week?
Happy Monday!


  1. Love the couch! It is so hard to decide which one I like but I really like the print of the 1st pic. Kiah

  2. I love your idea of using bright pillows to cheer it up!
    xo Josie

  3. In love with all the bright colors and fun patterns!

  4. loving the bight colors...and that chevron print rug is pretty fab too! Hope you are adjusting well and feeling a little more settled! xo

  5. Loving the 1st and the 3rd prints and I agree with @Frankie that that that chevron rug is great! Hope you're having some fun getting organized and it's not all a chore!

  6. ha, you got an extra "that" in my comment :) Bonus!

  7. Colors! Definitely add bold colors and patterns.