Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Mid-Summer Night's Dream....

I was looking at the just-reduced items on Shopbop (yea sales!) and immediately fixated on this Thakoon dress:
It is perfect with a strappy, metallic heel, but what about a flat sandal for when you are on board your yacht in the Mediterranean? If it had other colors or stripes, I could totally see Margherita Missoni wearing this to some European gala (with a gold leaf headband worn across the forehead, natch). I feel a girl-crush post featuring that chica might be necessary soon....

Anyway, I just love the back of the dress, too:
Even though it is 30% off, it is still over $2,000, so I think I will have to let this one go ;) But I know when I need a dress for a yacht party, I will be upset I didn't snap this one up! Hehe
I hope everyone had a great long weekend!


  1. That dress is absolutely gorgeous from cut to color and flow. The only thing kinda ugly is the price. wah

  2. What a gorgeous dress! If only the money tree was in bloom in my yard I would be all over it!! haha. xo

  3. I love this gorgeous dress! Such a great shape and the color is fab.
    xo Josie

  4. gorgeous dress, but I don't like the shoes with it. I think some flat sandals would be perfect for a yacht :) now how to get invited to a yacht party????

  5. I love that dress! I could see it going perfectly with the DIY on the modcloth blog. xoxo Marissa


  6. Love it! The back is so pretty too. I would lounge around my house in it, walk my dog in it, go grocery shopping in it...

    I definitely think we need a post on Margherita soon.

  7. I love this dress and as you said, the back is gorgeous. I love a sexy back. It is all about the back for me. For that price, just like you, I will have to let it go. Times are tough for most people here including me.

  8. The colour of this dress is amazing! Love this piece! Happy Tuesday, darling