Wednesday, April 27, 2011

For the Birds

Not my usual post today, but I just saw the new Google homepage logo for the day and got all a-twitter! (pun intended, I couldn't help it).

In (what seems like) a former life as a student curatorial assistant, I did research on John James Audubon and his work. Recording birds through paintings doesn't seem very revolutionary, but he painted them accurately and with the foliage/fruit that was their habitat and/or sustenance. If I remember correctly, he identified approx 25 species of birds! Audubon also painted animals, but badgers just aren't as pleasant to look at as bluebirds, so I have just gathered his feather-related works for your viewing pleasure:

I love the vintage appeal of these paintings-- how perfect would these prints be in a traditional library/conservatory setting set amongst bookshelves and leather chairs?

What or who is inspiring your interior design themes lately?


  1. These prints would be so gorgeous in a library!
    xo Josie

  2. I love birds...all birds. As long as they're not flying in my hair :)


  3. I saw this bird logo on Google and thought it was sooo beautiful and vintage looking!!! LOVE how you looked more into it and found out about the artist! Soooo coool!!!! Amazing how he painted them acurately too!!! they would look stunning in a cottage or cozy home!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  4. Those are such a beautiful pieces and I could totally imagine having them in my office space next to the armchair:) Love! Have a lovely Thursday morning, sunshine

    Ps: I’m hosting a beautiful jewelry GIVEAWAY later today! Just in time for Mother’s Day!

  5. I agree, these would look perfect in a cute little library... perhaps in my someday house :)

  6. Love the last picture! My husband and I just put up a bird house last weekend and are also going to put up a hummingbird feeder soon. Hoping to attract more beautiful birds to our yard!


  7. i love bird watching...and such a good idea for decor!! i am having a giveaway on my blog, that is perfect for spring&summer! a RAD BIKINI/1piece by a young Mexican designer! check it out, you wont be disappointed ♥ i promise!

  8. Very pretty pictures! Great for interior decoration. xo style, she wrote