Monday, April 4, 2011

Being Flat is Attractive...

Sorry, I meant being a pair of flats is attractive (I'm not mean, I can say this, I am mammary-challenged). Anyway, with the weather heating up (to like a billion here in AZ and yes, that is a completely scientific assessment) I have been thinking about new flat sandals for the summer... Not the usual flip flops I see around, though I do have a pair of thin, leather soled, silver thongs that are simple and go with everything, but a dressier sandal more suitable for celebrating the weather. I feel like my enthusiasm for the summer can go two ways:

Neutral colors to lengthen the leg without competing with an outfit:
1- Stuart Weitzman "Woodland"; 2-Alaia cutout; 3-Valentino rosette; 4- Lanvin pompom


Bold, bright colors to lend extra flair to any ensemble:
1- Dvf "Naomi"; 2- Bottega Veneta turquoise and blue ; 3-Delman "Serena"; 4-Jimmy Choo "Wasabi"; 5-Matiko "Zabby"

Which style of these festive kicks do you think will get more mileage this summer?

Also, did I mention that all these shoes and their respective images are from Bluefly- where there is a big shoe sale going on??!?!?!


  1. Ha- super cute choices. I love those tie dye Delmans!

  2. What perfect choices! I love flat sandals for summer. Those Alaia ones are super pretty, and the Bottega Venetas are darling!
    xo Josie

  3. Im all about flat sandals during summer and the blue pair is so amazing..Totally smitten with this post and wish you a lovely Monday, darling

  4. I wish it was that hot here!! I am loving the DVF sandals...perfect for Spring! xo

  5. Oh I love the Lanvin ones!! Adorable!

  6. Darn you.. even with a sale I doubt I could get those super cute Lanvins. The pom pom is great. I only have brown sandals and cream ones.. wear the cream more, so I guess I'd go for the first set.

  7. I'm usually more of a heels and wedges girl for summer, but I've been gravitating towards flat sandals like these lately. Love all of your choices! xoxo Marissa

  8. Ps: I’m hosting a super fun 3 winners GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in :)
    Kisses and hugs, my dear

  9. I used to be so crazy over flats. I cannot wear them anyomore. They mess up your feet. These shoes are so nice and I would love to wear them but my foot doctor would be mad!

  10. Great sandals! I want to go shoe shopping. xo style, she wrote