Friday, September 7, 2012

Jason Wu Spring 2013 Live! Today!

I was going to post that Nordstrom was streaming the show live on their website, but then I got wrapped up in now it's a recap post, sorry! I loved the show because A- I love laser-cut leather details, lace, full shirts and B- there was awesome piano music to accompany the delicious confections. Nothing like tickling the ivories + hot pants.... I was not a big fan of the harnesses but the slight subversive take of the collection had a lot of softly billowing chiffon to contrast....

Taking screenshots was an afterthought on my part, but here are two of my favorite looks:

And here are a bunch of photos from people who were actually at the show (did that sound jealous? Because I am!): all the looks parading one last time, the intense beauty look, a blurry shot of all the shorts and prints, a lace-on-the-face beauty board shot, another beauty shot and Karlie Kloss getting her hair set pre-show.

Tim Blanks called it "50 Shades of Wu" which made me chuckle, and I am glad I took a 10 minute break to watch it. Did you watch the show? Any other livestream or NYFW events that you are excited for? Have a great weekend!


  1. So. Freaking. Stunning. I love Jason Wu more than just about anything else in the world, honest.
    xo Josie

  2. Oh boy, that first dress is simply perfect:) LOVE! Happy day, dear