Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Current Decor Obsession: Succulents

Plants! We eat them, wear ugly shoes to hike on trails in the middle of them, buy them in mass quantities at extraordinary prices for Valentine's Day and (perhaps best of all) we decorate our homes with them. Mother Nature can be the best source for decor when you want something fresh and alive in your home. And Mother Nature made Flora Grubb the fairy godmother of greenery so we can all have cool-looking indoor plants. I love FG's work, her shop and the general idea of indoor succulents- so have a look:

The cafe area of Flora Grubb's namesake shop in San Fransisco

Inside the FG shop, featuring one of her hanging installations

A historic home in San Fran with one of FG's vertical succulent gardens

Another shot of the Flora Grubb store. I want this to be my backyard!

DIY instructions for making and framing your own vertical succulent garden!
Not the work of FGrubb, but this event space has an awesome "living wall" with giant succulents!

Would you add a few more plants or a vertical garden to your home? Do you already have one? And am I crazy for thinking these are cool?! Also, I have started an herb garden but planting won't start until temperatures are a little warmer here, so in the meantime, does anyone have any herb garden advice? (or for plants in general since I can only keep succulents alive and that is only because succulents are indestructible?)


  1. These are just so pretty. Not my personal floral pick, but I think they're gorgeous.
    xo Josie

  2. I LOVE succulents and I have tons of them in my flat. They are really easy to care for and so pretty. Muah, sweetie.

  3. I'm all twisted up about these right now too. They look so cool and I'm with you on needing tips!

  4. So far so good with keeping my upright succulents alive! I love the look of these vertical wall pieces though, maybe one day I will feel adventurous enough to construct something :)

  5. I feel like if I attempted a vertical garden, they wouldn't stick and would all fall out. ha!! I'm planning to do a little succulent garden this month since I'm obsessing over them lately.