Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday Whining and Online Finds!

The Midwest is trying to kill me. Kidding, it only hates me. "Whoa, lady," you say, "why would you say something like that?" I am sick again! I love making new friends, but I think I will pass on getting any more familiar with germs. I am sure I haven't been a good roommate to the fiancee (he's a brave soul to step foot in this house-of-illness after work everyday) and I have been slacking on doing anything creative or productive (ie, find a job! or spring cleaning!) but there are positives to being sick... umm.... I can't think of any except for being justified to waste time online all day (ahem, Pinterest and Bloglovin!), so let's go with that.

Here's a (germ-free) taste of what I've been ogling from my perch on the couch:

Summer haircuts are popping up all over the place and most of them involve sumptuous, Gisele-esque waves, but I am still a sucker for a short bob.Think choppier and funkier than Anna Wintour for a more modern look, like the one above...

I spotted this wedding dress and was ecstatic because it is a fun and funky take on lace and around $500, but they carry a very limited size range?! Is it worth looking into special ordering?

I want to live here. I don't know where this is, but I don't care. Gardens and glass doors = gorgeous!

I love these coiled pots at Anthro and now they are on sale! I got the little teal one and don't even care if I put a plant in it because it looks so cute. I was thinking these could be a great DIY project, too.

(I got the majority of these photos from my Pinterest boards, but you know I am big on crediting original sources, so you can get to the original sources from Pinterest quite easily... I might be spending too much time on there, perhaps?)

Today I'll be looking for gardening tips (I want a veggie and herb garden this summer-- wish me luck!) and searching craigslist for the perfect bar cart and maybe a bicycle! What have you been looking for online? Any gardening tips you'd like to share? Feel free to send me vitamins as well ;)
Happy Wednesday!


  1. That wedding dress is SUPER pretty! And I fully support hunting for a bar cart -- I'm obsessed with them.
    xo Josie

  2. That indoor/outdoor space is amazing! Post a photo of what you decide to do with your anthro pot. :) And order in that dress!

  3. thanks for your lovely comment and your inspiring suggestion!
    now following via gfc and bloglovin :)
    your blog is stunning--especially love the wedding dress, such a fresh look.
    also, i dont know how many times i have considered chopping my hair off in a blunt bob like that...too cute!

  4. Ohh feel better soon, darling! Btw: that wedding dress is dreamy:) Muah

  5. Hope you feel better!! I was thinking those Antrhro pots would make a good DIY also. The teal is so cute! Love the blouse in the first pic!

  6. that wedding dress is out of control!!!! worth the trouble I say!

  7. ps-I cut my bangs like that pic and totally regret it :/