Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cheap Thrills

I just read on The Cut today that William Rast will be the next brand name to create a Christmas capsule collection for Target, which is great... if you like William Rast. I wonder if there will be a lot of denim since the "premium' stuff they serve up is their specialty....? The brand is completely over-hyped, but I am sure there will be a decent military-style jacket that will be versatile and affordable and hopefully not covered in patches or rips....hopefully. At least most people won't expect this collection to be awesome like they did the Rodarte collection from last Christmas. All the ad coverage and commercials combined didn't match the mass amounts of rayon used for the products. Or maybe we just expect too much? Can you design and crank out a dress that fits well and is made of decent material for under $30? The William Rast collection isn't exhorbitantly priced normally, so maybe they can do it! Maybe we will get a Christmas miracle!

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