Saturday, May 8, 2010

Met Gala Recap

You've got to love the annual Met Gala- it's like the Oscars x 1000 for me- because the fashion is a notch above the usual uber-prom looking red carpet fare.... Not always better, mind you, but interesting nonetheless :) I liked the "American Woman" theme mostly because I can relate, hehe. There were lots of fabulous dresses, naturally, but there were a few surprises that I really enjoyed.

Nicole Ritchie in Marc Jacobs: I don't know if it was becoming a mom or House of Harlow that upped her style from daisy duke's + Juicy couture, but she looks fantastic!

Camilla Belle is pretty girly and oft cloyingly gamine, but I liked the intricacy and simplicity of her Jason Wu gown.

I loved the sleeves and the embellishment on Elisa Sednaoui's Chanel Haute Couture dress. And how awesome would it be to stand arm-in-arm with Lagerfeld himself for a night?

Some people are scary. Versace....scarier than normal. I didn't include picture links of Blake Lively, (great bod, but always TOO short in the hemline or TOO much cleavage- settle down, lady!), or Kristen Stewart (would it really kill you to smile?), because the photos were too typical.

Something I can't place makes me doubt the RM by Roland Mouret dress was the right choice for the occasion, but I liked it on Amber Valletta and I think the cut and color really worked for her. Defintely something I could see translated for RTW looks.

I love the one, ruffled sleeve of this Stella McCartney dress on Naomi Watts. I know it was big with Lanvin, etc, but I think it is a really fun look for summer and just plain fun.

I didn't recognize Jessica Stam automatically in this Rachel Roy number. I liked the long sleeve and the plain navy material really made me focus on the simple, but flattering, cut. Again, I am not sure if this was Met Gala material, but I like it, darn it!

Well now, that's the wrap up. Any favorites dresses or looks that you loved? Anything you will translate into looks you'll be sporting on the street soon?

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