Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekender Woes!

Last week while I was packing for a quick weekend work retreat, my trusty weekend bag busted. (insert sad face here). It was not a timely failure, but I had been thinking I needed a replacement/upgrade for a while now so it was not a complete surprise. My bag criteria is fairly simple: classic shape, large but carry-on friendly, and does not cost a million dollars. Unfortunately, my favorites satisfy all but the last criterion:
Proenza Schouler PS1 Large Travel Bag. Love the large armholes and the included shoulder strap.

L'Wren Scott Lula Weekend Bag. I love the construction of this one! Tres chic.

Mark Cross Madison Weekender Satchel. This one combines statement color with awesome capacity.
Now that I am done drooling, where should I look for a weekend bag that is not $2K? My last bag (RIP) was from Urban Outfitters and far from luxurious, but it was a simple design and got the job done. The current Urban weekend bag offering is cow-print, which is just not that exciting to offense to cows! If anyone has any suggestion for where to look, I would appreciate it. Do you think I should look in stores, or stick to online browsing for the best options?

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I am excited for time to be lazy, celebrate a birthday and wrap my head around the fact that it will be October next week!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Jason Wu Spring 2013 Live! Today!

I was going to post that Nordstrom was streaming the show live on their website, but then I got wrapped up in now it's a recap post, sorry! I loved the show because A- I love laser-cut leather details, lace, full shirts and B- there was awesome piano music to accompany the delicious confections. Nothing like tickling the ivories + hot pants.... I was not a big fan of the harnesses but the slight subversive take of the collection had a lot of softly billowing chiffon to contrast....

Taking screenshots was an afterthought on my part, but here are two of my favorite looks:

And here are a bunch of photos from people who were actually at the show (did that sound jealous? Because I am!): all the looks parading one last time, the intense beauty look, a blurry shot of all the shorts and prints, a lace-on-the-face beauty board shot, another beauty shot and Karlie Kloss getting her hair set pre-show.

Tim Blanks called it "50 Shades of Wu" which made me chuckle, and I am glad I took a 10 minute break to watch it. Did you watch the show? Any other livestream or NYFW events that you are excited for? Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Tons of Tweedy Goodness for Under $100!

I am having a tweed moment! I am specifically obsessing over getting a tweed blazer this fall and I am delighted that they are back en vogue-- not that they are ever really out, but there is such a variety available this fall. A tweed blazer is a great item to own because it pairs with your LBD, with a weekend jeans outfit and any ensemble in between. And if you change your look to be lady-like or edgy, (or if you dress like I do, whatever you're feeling when you get dressed on a given morning), the tweed blazer can easily accommodate your whims.

Soooo we've established that I want to partake in the tweed situation going on, and you'd think it would be as easy as just buying one. And I'm done. Not so. This whole getting-married-and-budgeting-and-being-a-vaguely-responsible-adult-in-general thing means I cannot run out and pick up the $1,500 tweedy confection that I have been eyeing, so I have been looking for budget options. Normally the term "budget options" conjures up terrible connotations and visuals, or at least the impression that items will be depressingly poor in quality and fit, but do not fear! I have found quite an assortment of styles and colors of tweed blazers for under $100! Behold the nubby-chic gorgeousness:

Glass Tweed Jacket at Ann Taylor. Love the neutral color + minimal, moto style.

Modern Tweed Jacket at Ann Taylor. The bright color and cropped length would be perfect for
topping a cute dress for going out or with a casual brunch ensemble.

Tweed Biker Jacket from ASOS. Don't mind the model's expression,
I'd be psyched to wear this fitted number with frayed detailing!

Pleat-Trim Tweed Jacket at Last Call Neiman's.
The satin and fringe trim is simultaneously luxe and fun.

Boxy Tweed Jacket from Newport News. I love that this is totally office appropriate
and yet I would wear it out on the town in a heartbeat!

The Captain Jacket from Rachel Rachel Roy. The neutral + navy colors are a
welcome departure from the typical black -based tweed.

Linen Blend Tweed Jacket at Coldwater Creek. I would not have expected to love a clothing item at CCreek  (at least for another 30 years, hehe) but I suppose this is just a testament to how timeless and appealing tweed jackets really are!

What do you think about tweed blazers? Perfect or passe? And am I crazy for pining for one of these when it is barely September? If you have any other salivation-inducing-finds, please share! I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend-- soak up the last bit of summer while you can!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Leanne Marshall Spring 2013 Bridal Collection

I have been a Leanne Marshall fan ever since she was on Project Runway. (She won Season 5- yea!) I love her architectural-yet-ethereal designs and am a big fan of her bridal collections. If my wonderfully talented mother was not going to make my wedding dress I would definitely want an LM creation. She just posted a few dresses from her Spring 2013 collection on her blog so I thought I would share:

I also love her ready-to-wear collection of pieces for daily use...
(well, daily use if your life is fancier than mine!):

Those pockets are awesome and the tailoring is exceptional! I could wear these to brunch or out on the town.

I would throw myself a party just to have an excuse to wear this if it was in my closet....
Lovely, right?! Check out her Etsy store for more of her dresses and ready-to-wear items. Are you a Leanne fan, too? And does anyone still watch Project Runway? Leanne's season was the last one that I watched religiously, but if there is another must-see season, let me know because I have not had a good Netflix marathon in months :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Friday!

It has been a long week and I am tired, but I spent a little (in reality: way too much) time on Society6 looking at iPhone covers and they cheered me right up! There are sooo many cases on that site, from tree bark graphics, to sloths, to dancing breakfast food and more chevron and ikat patterns than you previously knew existed. They put me in such a good mood I had to share a few:

I love the PaperFashion illustrations of Blair Eadie and Jessica Stam, the cacti cases remind me of back home and the little bird reminds me of my talented friend Emily and her love of photography, watercolors and birds. Check all of them out on the Society 6 site if you are in need (or in "want") of a new case....How did you pick your phone case? Was it all about form or function or a little of both? I hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy In Helmut

Helmut Lang is one of my favorite labels. Minimalist but sculptural and the colors are always wonderfully neutral backdrops for my crazy-bright accessories and jewelry. But HL is cost-prohibitive at regular retail price, so I sadly own only one piece of that brand. (It is a grey silk top that is perfectly draped and body-conscious-but-not-remotely-tight so I want to wear it ALL THE TIME but don't want to look like a crazy person so I take a break from it now and again...AKA-- when it is at the dry cleaners... hehe)

Having subjected you to my ode-to-Helmut-Lang, you can imagine my excitement when I saw an email this morning from Shopbop announcing the new, more affordable HELMUT line from Helmut Lang! If you are in to drapey minimalism or just need some great basics to use as a foundation for more flashy pieces, check the collection out online.

Here are a few of my fav's:
Kinetic Jersey Racerback Dress

Overdye Skinny Jeans

Kinetic Jersey Racerback Maxi Dress

Kinetic Side Slit Maxi Dress

Are you a Helmut Lang fan or does the line get boring with season after season of muted colors and simple silhouettes? Any other new diffusion lines you are excited about?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Hello, Again! Come Shopping With Me!

I took a break from blogging these past few weeks, (I know, I know, from posting once a week, big deal), but things have gotten crazy with work, out-of-town guests, a wedding to attend in another state and a trip to Chicago. Now that I am back in my usual day-to-day routine, I have obviously started thinking about shopping! (One track mind? Yes.) I have been searching for work appropriate dresses and finding a knee-length option that hits at or below the knee on a tall girl is not the easiest task, but that is not to say I haven't been enjoying the search :)

I love Pixie Market for finding items that are a little outside the box and, as I should have guessed, my search for work dresses quickly disintegrated into finding other cool things:

Stripe side pants from Sass and Bide


Martin Lamothe "The Artist" dress 

I think "The Artist" is my favorite. See how quickly I get distracted?! Well, if I do find some summery work dresses I will certainly update you, but do I have any tall ladies out there who have had success at certain retailers? Hope you are all having a wonderful summer and that you aren't completely overheating!!!!!